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LIFESTYLE DESIGNER- in every sense

Samantha Lauren Pike

supporting you to life a life by your own design...

She made everything beautiful.

After living a life that was suggested to her by others, Samantha Lauren Pike decided to design her own life and to support others in doing the same.

Her passion for making everything beautiful transferred to everything she did.

Home Life. Vacation Life. Career Life. Love Life.


It all gets to be beautiful. Your life gets to be beautiful.

Image by Clarisse Meyer

My  Story

HD: Generator, 4/6, Gate 51 (Gate of Shock - impact/expansion)

Like you, I am a complex person with many gifts to share with the world.


When I am asked "what do you do?" I still freeze.

For a long time, I wished the answer was simple. Maybe one day it will be.

But for right now it's an assortment of possibilities. 

Here's what I'm passionate about right now...

go on, get scrolling

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After years of study and personal development work, I am so excited to say that I have discovered a brilliant technique in helping you regulate to the next level.  I initially created this method for myself to help with navigating challenging emotions and to bring me into an attractive state - the kind of state where solutions come to me.

What I've learned is that when we change our vibration to a more desirable frequency, we can design the lives we truly want to live.  I've made this work for me and countless others - I'd love to show you how to do it for yourself.

If you are looking to up-level your career, improve your relationships, make more money, improve your health - it all starts with your nervous system. In order for your reality to change, you must change your vibration, learn how to neutralize success, and make up-leveling feel safe.  

There's more...

Interior Styling &
Boutique Accommodation Design

I excel at making spaces feel inviting and cozy. I see what needs to be added or taken away to improve how you experience the space. This skill translates into creating places where people genuinely enjoy spending time, the kind of spaces people will happily pay to visit, otherwise known as a boutique accommodation. Let's just say I have a talent for turning places into a destinations.

In my previous experiences, I've owned and managed numerous boutique accommodations with success. Crafting imagery that sparks the desire for more is my specialty. When it comes to launching a thriving accommodation, I believe lifestyle styling is the crucial final touch.

I've lent my expertise in lifestyle styling to the promotional content of various boutique accommodations, helping them showcase their unique charm to draw in their audience.

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Okay, one more thing...

Web   Design

I dabble here. Having honed my ability to enhance physical spaces, I've successfully translated this skill into the realm of online spaces, both for myself and numerous others (I created this site myself). Like I said, I love supporting you with your next big move, so if you like what you see, give me a shout.

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