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Style and Promotion
for boutique accommodations

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Special Features:

This service offers a seamless journey from concept to turnkey delivery. Once the property is complete, you'll be able to rent out your accommodation to your first guest. With an authentic approach, I prioritize creating comfortable environments for guests that also provide a storied experience. From lighting installation, interior painting, and furniture selection, all choices are meticulously considered to stay in alignment with overall guest experience and authentic story.


This full-service package includes: professional styling, installation, preparation for guests, and listing creation. 


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This service offers a comprehensive range of features to enhance your property's visibility.


- Photographer Head Hunting: I'll locate a professional photographer to capture highly aesthetically pleasing images that showcase the unique features and ambience of your accommodation, which can be used for listings and social media promotions.

- Lifestyle Styling: To enhance your images, I'll work closely with the photographer onsite to create an aspirational atmosphere, highlighting the best aspects of your property and its surroundings.


- Public and Private Review: Upon my visit, I'll offer a public and private review, leveraging positive feedback to boost your reputation and credibility.  If requested, my private review will include suggestions to enhance overall guest experiences. 


With this boutique service, you can effectively market your property and maximize its potential for success.

This service includes a visit from me to your property. I am willing to make the journey, where ever you are in the world. 


See The Hosting Société for Past Promotions 

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Wolfe Island, Ontario Canada

Tel: 613-449-0921

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