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If you want to design a life you are madly in love withyou must find the courage to do so

you've come to the right place

...courage is found here.

The  Life You Seek

Lives Outside Your Comfort Zone


Let's make getting there easeful by

regulating your nervous system. 

When you know how to regulate, you can...


2. Manifest your desires by activating the ATTRACTIVE STATE of NEUTRALITY. #becomeavibrationalmatch


3.  Remove OBSTACLES/LIMITING BELIEFS that prevent you from taking ALIGNED ACTION. #beunstoppable

I have developed a step-by-step evidence based technique for nervous system regulation to help you make LIVING OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE COMFORTABLE.

It's called...

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The Alignment Method


After a deeply disappointing experience, I underwent a profound personal healing journey.  I had no idea at the time how valuable the experience would become in not only helping myself but in supporting others as well.  


Through personal exploration and study, I developed The Alignment Method—a step-by-step technique designed to support recovery and personal empowerment. With over a decade of personal development study, including a Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology with Honours, this practical method focuses on managing your nervous system, emotions, and vibration in real-time.

Recognizing that everything is energy, The Alignment Method uses scientifically based principles to systematically alter your vibration, offering a pathway to design the life you desire. Whether you aim to enhance your career, relationships, financial situation, or health, it all starts with your nervous system. This technique teaches you how to neutralize success, making up-leveling feel safe.

By activating the parasympathetic nervous system using the Chakra System, breathing techniques, and cognitive restructuring, this method opens up new possibilities and opportunities, resulting in changes in behaviour and a transformed lived experience. The beauty of The Alignment Method is that once you learn the skill, you can apply it independently whenever needed.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Regulate the fear and do it calmly.

Who says we have to do it scared?

Let's create safety as we rise to our next level.

Ways To Work With Me &
The Alignment Method

1. In Person Group Workshops 

2. An Alignment Call with me

3. One-on-One Intensive (minimum three sessions)

scroll to learn more

1. In-Person Group Workshops

at The Refinery Spa and Social House


Learn how to use The Alignment Method in person with Samantha Lauren Pike at The Refinery Spa and Social House, Kingston ON. 








2. An Alignment Call with me

at Uplift Lifestyle

I've teamed up with the personal empowerment brand Uplift Lifestyle to bring you this high level one-on-one Alignment Call. During this live video call, we will do a deep dive into your current vibrational state as it relates to what you desire most. After discovering where you are vibrationally, we will apply evidence based techniques to raise your vibration and bring you back into alignment.

Not only will you feeeeellll goooddd after this call, this 1 hour session will support you in OPENING to new ideas, solutions, and opportunities to assist you on your unique path.

3. One-on-One Intensive  (minimum three sessions)

Ready to design a life you are madly in love with?  This is for you. 

During our time together, I will teach you my nervous system regulation technique (The Alignment Method) and we will apply it to your unique circumstances. We will discover where you are stuck, transmute it, and move forward with deliberate purpose and power. After working with me, you will operate from your most aligned self.  What stopped you in the past will no longer stop you now.

It's time to get it.  We're going for it! Full speed, without fear holding us back. Let's get it!

Since this we will be spending so much time together, I'd like to tailor a program for your unique circumstances. Click the button below to get started with your unique plan.


What  the ladies
had to say about

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I'm not trying to sound dramatic, but AtM changed my life! Before I sat down with Sam, I was riddled with insecurities & anxiety about my work.  I struggled to get out of bed in the morning and lacked the confidence I needed to become the version of myself I KNEW was hiding. 

With Sam's guidance, she taught me how to regulate my nervous system in real time so that I could move forward with clarity and confidence. After a couple of sessions with her, I began to experience dramatic results. I started to advance in my career and adopted a new way of being in my personal life.  - Steph M.

The Alignment Method keeps me open to new possibilities. When I tune into my truth, recognize what lies have been holding me back and how this is all connected in my body, soul and mind…something releases and I unlock more of what is possible. I love the simplicity of this method and I can use it anytime I’m feeling stuck. - Raechelle M.

Sam has cracked the code. The AtM turns a very complex concept (changing how we feel/ manage emotions annd pain) into simple, tangible steps to improve quality of life!!

Brittany M. BBPH

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